That was easy…

Hi all!  We’re here…and that was easy!!   Tina and I decided that each day we would have a “phrase of the day.”  We caught ourselves saying “that was easy” to almost every part of our trip over the last day.  Packing, boarding, flying, eating (duh!), checking into our hotel and logging on the internet for the first time to blog! 

We sat next to Brad and Doug on our 15 hour flight from Atlanta to Johannesburg which was a NON-STOP flight (that was for Tina’s dad who was for sure we would have to stop and refuel in Germany or France!).  They are here to do some amazing missionary work with an orphanage in the Johannesburg area.  They started their work a few years back after hearing Bono on an interview talk about the effects of  “stupid poverty.”  Totally amazing (married-darn!) guys!

We are 7 hours ahead here which is good for you all because our day will be done in the middle of your day.  Blog-city man! 

Tomorrow we are getting a tour of the blood center, meeting the employees and Executives and having lunch with my good friend Zali!  Hopefully, we will catch up with my friend Jay’s colleague Gavin as well for dinner (thanks Jay!).

Ok, we are off to bed (10:45pm here and 3:45pm EST for you).  Talk to you all tomorrow and thanks for all the comments!

Chris and Tina

P.S.  Pictures to come tomorrow!!  🙂


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2 Responses to “That was easy…”

  1. Deana Says:

    Hi Chris-Tina! (Hahaha!!!) Sounds like you guys programmed an easy trip if you found yourselves saying that all day! That’s cool!! That’s what it’s all about, right?? Can’t wait to see your pics, and hear about what you are doing during your journey… Tina, remember to find what you’re supposed to learn!

    Much love, Deana and Kenny

  2. April Says:

    I am so excited for both of you. I rented a National Geographic South Africa series video and am watching “best of South Africa wine county” right now. So happy to hear that you had a “That was easy” trip. Keep us posted and enjoy the wine!

    Love you both cheers to an amazing adventure.


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